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Live Like a Plant

For some reason our gift of consciousness has rid us of all responsibility when it comes to our bodily problems. Joint pain? Bad genes. Overweight? Slow metabolism. Acne? See a dermatologist. We take no ownership for what is going on within our own body. Think about how ridiculous that is! Our own body and yet we still have the nerve to blame someone else.

We need to start looking at ourselves as if we’re plants.Yes, you read that right. For the sake of the argument, let’s say you buy a bunch of flowers that you plan on planting later that day. Unfortunately, you live in Utica New York so it starts to thunderstorm shortly after. You put them in the garage for safekeeping until the weather clears up. But you still live in Utica so the thunderstorms continue for the next two weeks until the flowers begin to wilt and are on their way to a slow death.

What is our immediate remedy for this situation? We don’t just say the flowers were grown with “bad leaves” and accept that we can’t fix it. Just like any other plant that is dying, we take a look at it’s environment. We look to see if it has water, sunlight, and proper soil. We know that the environment they are in directly effects their health. Why is this any different with us? Why do we just claim to have “bad knees” and live the rest of our lives dealing with it. You don't have bad knees, skin, or anything else. Yes, you may be more prone to injury or breakouts but chances are, you don't know how to move and/or eat. Just as a plant has its necessities, we have ours. Look to your environment!!!

So how do we fix this? We have to be able to look at ourselves objectively and take ownership for what happens to our body. We all know what our body needs. We need exercise, quality food, and rest. If you can check each of these off every day, you are well on your way to a much healthier life. So get up and move, eat REAL food, and stop scrolling through instagram before bed and get some sleep!!!

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