SPI Fitness (Sports Performance Institute’s) mission is to help both individuals and groups reach their goals regarding sports performance, rehabilitation from injury, and to attain higher levels of fitness through scientifically proven techniques. We pride ourselves on delivering effective workouts based on thorough knowledge and research. We are the only fitness facility in the Utica area where all coaches are educated in Physical Therapy and Exercise Science.

Athlete Performance Training

Whether your goal is to gain speed, strength, agility or overall performance, this program is for you. SPI Fitness trainers work together with you to find your strengths and weakness and create a program that is aligned with your goals as an athlete.

Do not be concerned if this is your first time strength training, we have experience working with athletes of all levels. Our goal is to give you the proper tools to improve your skills and reduce the risk of injury.

Program includes:

Evaluation and assessment: Our staff will get some objective measures based on strength, flexibility, power and training history to assist us with designing a program specific to you.

Foundational Strength Exercises: Education and proper performance of core strengthening exercises such as the bench, squat and deadlift which are the building blocks of your program design.

Functional Strength Exercises: These are the tools that separate SPI from any other gym. Were not loaded with generic machines at SPI, we utilize our knowledge of the human body and items such as bands, kettle bells, suspension straps, boxes and medicine balls to improve balance and strength to relate it specifically to athletics.

Speed and Agility: Not only do we have the tools to improve your speed and agility with a variety of ladders, cones, hurdles and sleds.

Nutritional Assessment: This service is just as important as your strength training program. During your evaluation we determine whether you need to gain or lose weight and we work together to come up with a eating program to accomplish what is needed.

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